lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014

“One Voice”  would be the first project that will unite our community through art as an instrument of social transformation. The project will search for better community coexistence for all, where different groups of race, nationality and language are integrated through art and its diverse manifestations.

Considering the population majority presence in the country (White, African American and Latino), which is also reflected in our state and city, the intention of this project is, through an artistic vision, to call about the need to unite as a community to work together. We must recognize that our roots are different, but we have a common goal as human beings. We have come to the same place through our ancestors at different points in time.  We all came with the dream of building a better present and future. Our first project is the production and presentation of a play that aims to establish an approach to reflection on the presence and coexistence of different groups with different roots. Despite their differences in culture, skin color or language, these groups have much in common and need to coexist with Acceptance and Respect. The One Voice project leverages the expressive potential of art as a means to educate and raise awareness, through the merger of Music and Theatre.

A cultural project must have many components to meet the responsibility of a sponsor. The project support can help build or enhance their reputation and improve the opportunities and possibilities that the company offers to the community. The contribution of our sponsors will help with the implementation of Artistic Work that promotes strengthening Hispanic and African American values in South Carolina, encouraging their integration and acceptance within the Caucasian Community. We have a responsibility to make a social, cultural and educational impact in our region. Our proposal to establish joint plans with our sponsors is motivated by shared interests. Sponsors will benefit from advertising, broadcasting, and in its reputation as a promoter of community benefits. 

The play will be performed in the theater. There will be promoted functions on the radio, newspaper and TV. The importance of the topic of diversity and integration of different cultures in our state may become interesting to schools, colleges and other organizations. 

The Project Director and Playwriting is Maribel Acosta, a Cuban artist who has lived in the U.S. since 2009. Maribel Acosta brings 17 years of experience from Quito, Ecuador to the cultural and educational field. She studied Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Education and Psychology, in Cuba and Ecuador. She has received several awards for her productions and recognition for her educational work.

The musical production will be in charge of recognized professional musicians who will create original music compositions and perform live during the show.  Their performances will reflect the origins of social groups with their rhythms and subsequent blends. The musicians will be Gino Castillo (Percussion), named "Charleston Jazz Artist of the Year" in the Charleston City Paper Music Awards, for his work with his original project "The Gino Castillo Cuban Jazz Quartet”; Trey Cooper (Piano), named "Pianist of the Year" in the City Paper Music Awards and; Charlton Singleton (Trumpet), Artistic Director/Bandleader of the Charleston Jazz Orchestra; Michael Quinn (Saxophone) and William Moore (Bass).